FT'D: Tomgirl - My Lovers/Dunes 7"

Tomgirl are one of those bands that ooze a magnetic steeze from the moment you hear their first chord, their striking harmonies, those silky atmospheric guitar swells and meditative rhythms. TG is the combination of 5 women who each stand alone as powerful songwriters and musicians, each with their own unique solo ventures, that when combined create something otherworldly. Last year they spent a day in the Marthouse studio and tracked the My Lovers/Dunes 7" live to tape, last week I caught up with Guitarist/Singer Danika Smith to reflect on the process.

WHO: Tomgirl is a collective of 5 beautiful femme souls from Melbourne town. Our members are Anita, Danika, Harmony, Laura and Shanti. Our track 'My Lovers' was written during a rehearsal where Shanti came up with a chord progression on the guitar, and all of a sudden we were throwing around lyrical ideas, and bringing the song together in one relatively brief explosion. The lyrics were all inspired by our individual interests, and the romantic notion of sharing them with lovers, and then all of a sudden we were talking about he and she lovers and the chorus just summed it all up. From a broader perspective, the concept of polyamory is pretty new to many people, a little confronting maybe, or mystical, so it has been fun bringing these ideas to an audience.

WHAT: Our debut 7" single/s 'My Lover & Dunes' We chose to record these songs because at that time they were some of the first songs we created together, and they really represented the tomgirl sound, psych/surf/aldente spaghetti western love songs.

WHEN: We wrote the songs, performed them live, recorded them, mixed and released! It all took place over a few months.

WHERE: The tunes were recorded in a luscious, spacious recording studio in a community arts hub warehouse in Brunswick. It was lovingly built by the Marthouse crew, with tape and a bunch of quality gear to borrow.

TomGirl at Marthouse.

TomGirl at Marthouse.

HOW: After writing the song, we performed at the evelyn 4 days later and had our set recorded by openlive which was convenient as the song was captured quite fresh. It was really handy having that demo to listen back on and conceptualise a proper recording.

WHY: We create because it brings us happiness. Its fulfilling, and fun, and opens doors to adventure. Music is a beautiful way to connect to other people And share ideas and growth. As individuals we see the importance for human beings to have a creative outlet in life, and to play music with other women is an important statement of progression in our society. It's an act of solidarity for us ladies and a way of showing younger girls that they can do it too.

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