FT'D: Sunnyside - Disco Bananas (Single Premiere)

Sunnyside, known destroyers of bad vibes and dedicated designers of the groove, are back with a fresh offering of Disco Bananas. If you like your beats extra fruity, look no further. Disco Bananas is exactly what the name suggests; a juicy serving of dancefloor funk. Raw, instrumentally driven dance music, designed to make you move and make you smile. Disco Bananas is the first single from Sunnyside's forthcoming debut album, Body Heat, which is due out October 3rd. We caught up with the boys to find out more about Bananas. Have a read, listen to the single, and preorder the album below!

WHO: "We are Sunnyside, we've got Sam, Arch, Carl, Macca, Gordo and Matt Hall on the job mixing their creative juices in mostly equal measure to bring about this sound baby. We were also lucky enough to get some vocal help from some local legends to pump the party vibe.

WHAT: Disco Bananas is a hot favourite and inspired us to release something folks can put in their hot little hands, after a big ol' gap in releases.

WHEN: The song was conceived roughly 3 years ago. We actually first started playing it live about 3 years ago and had a love-hate relationship with it. It wasn't until about the last twelve months that we have finally settled on how it should sound.

WHERE: We were bloody lucky to catch the hey day of the Brunswick Surf Life Saving Club warehouse where Marthouse Records were born. We struck gold in a Dougal Shaw and his skills in both helping record, produce, and mix the tunes. We sure as heck could not have done it without his monk-like patience and expertise.

HOW: This came about as a classic Sunnyside cosy night-in jam session that birthed a tune seemingly out of nowhere. Back when we were only a four-piece with three of us living together in Murrumbeena, we would jam as often as we could, a typical Sam and Carl nutting out the bones then Arch adding his... Wind when it felt like a real jam. I remember at the time we wanted to make more music to get people dancing and grooving, very rhythmic based stuff.

WHY: Getting together with some of your best mates for a night and jamming? That's the good stuff right there. We would hang out regardless, it just helps that we are all into making something creative from those hangs.

P.S. Don't forget to eat your bananas, baby!"

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