FT'D: Hot Sludge Fundae - Put It On (Video Clip)

WHO: Hot Sludge Fundae

WHAT: Video clip for the title track off our debut album. The intention was to do something quick and rough as a bit of a revolt to our previous clip which took months to complete.

WHEN: I think it was a Friday. It was about 8hrs from start to finish. We shot the clip in about 3hrs in the shed, then I stayed up til 5am obsessively editing the thing. I find that I generally work better if I complete a project from start to finish in the one motion. Otherwise things tend to fall by the way side, a new priority is always popping up. It needs to be completed while the energy and intention is fresh.

WHERE: In the shudio(shed/studio). The track was originally recorded at Marthouse Mk.1 a.k.a Brunswick SLSC. If we want to go deeper into the 'where'; the lyrics were written in the South of France at a place called Chateau Conri.

HOW: It was self-producedirectedited. On a friends camera that we put on a tripod and gaffa taped to the floor so it stayed in the same position the entire time. Then pieced together on Adobe Premiere pro.

WHY: It was time to make a new video. We knew it was time. It was time to make a nice quick one with minimal fuss and maximal fun. I guess we do it because it gives the song a new life. Another life in visual form. Maybe it'll reach some fresh ears through the eyes.

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Put It On 12" available now.