FT'D: Hideous Sun Demon - Fame Erotic Dream (Album)


Hideous Sun Demon are back on the road this month having unleashed their twisted third child into the world. 'Fame Erotic Dream' is an outstanding psych/punk record. Their signature frenetic rhythms, compulsive basslines and gnarled, tangling vocal and guitar lines are given a new perspective thanks to a tighter, more crispy production value, compared to the more thrashy approach of previous album 'Sweat' (2014). It's a fresh HSD that's no less psychotic, but rejuvenated, and foaming at the mouth. Just like the rest of Melbourne as we anticipate their show at The Curtin this Friday (with support from Hot Sludge Fundae for the first date of their Vic Tour). We caught up with HSD front guy Vin to find out about the process of 'Fame Erotic Dream' so we can all keep the froth up til Friday.

WHO: We are a guitar band from Perth. We moved to Melbourne recently because more people seem to like bands like Uranium Club here.

WHAT: We have just released our 3rd LP thru Hell Beach. It is called Fame Erotic Dream. It is pretty high energy and is probably the best produced one weve done so far.

WHERE: We wrote a lot of the songs together in rehearsal rooms. A lot of collaborating with ideas and then labouring over them. We recorded it with Ron Pollard at his Sleepwalkers Dread studio. It's based like an our or so out of Perth in the farmlands right by the Darling Scarp. Very pretty place and Rons a great guy. This was all a while ago though, it took a fair while to put it out for a bunch of reasons.

HOW: One time we had to jam/write in a car park coz the room we had booked had forgotten. So that was their compromise. It was memorable but kinda shit. And he tried to charge us for it! But the rest of it was pretty much a somewhat enjoyable grind. We spent a lot more time on fleshing out the recordings and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

WHY: We write the way we do (the whole collaborating in developing basic ideas into whole songs) because that's how we've done it forever. I think that approach has formed our sound a fair bit. We create coz it fills a void and we're not that great at anything else. Plus getting your vinyl delivered to you is really gratifying.

Get gratified mother fuckers. Go get a vinyl and see Hideous Sun Demon with Hot Sludge Fundae, Porpoise Spit, Terrible Signal! Event linnnkkk yeah. Follow Hideous Sun Demon's movements HERE. If you can't get to a show then get instant gratification OVER HERE.

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