FT'D: The Florets - Sleep (Single Premiere)

The Florets are a brand spanking new band on the Melbourne scene. Led by songwriter Nick Dawes and his distinctive vocal delivery, The Florets are an anomolous bloom in a crowded field. They are a hard band to pin down. Sitting somewhere amongst the worlds of Garage, Psych & Pop, the door is open for the band to grow in any direction. Have a listen for yourself, their first offering 'Sleep' is out today. After recording and mixing the track here at Marthouse we caught up with Nick to find out a bit more about The Florets and their creative process.


Who are you? The Florets are the works of Alec Cimera, Amitay Moody, my brother Josh Dawes & myself.


Who was involved in the creative process? I write the core structure of the songs, after which they are fleshed out, torn apart and made anew with the band. Each member of the band has their own strengths that helps shape the songs. Josh often makes sense of the sporadic sections and fits the puzzle together. His musicianship is key to finishing the tracks and keeping order within the form whereas I have only ever had an interest in songwriting, never a yearning for the theory or complexity of music.

Who inspired the piece? This track was inspired by bright colours, mainly the colour yellow; I needed to create something that would spark change.

I had found myself deep down in a party dungeon. Sleep and general hygiene had become a novelty in my life. I would go from work to a bar, to a party, to a couch and continue this pattern all summer long spiralling out of control.

I chased my bodies limits and, without knowing, it had created an alcohol fueled depression that billowed from all seams. I thought my ticket out was to write something bright and colourful in a hope to pull myself from the slump which resulted in sleep. A simple track of bright, catchy guitar jangles and echoing vocals with colourful undertones.

Who is this written for? Sleep was written for the tired, strung out folk of the world. A steady hum for the fellow workers of the world who stay out late all weekend long and still manage to get up and go about their day.

Who is the ideal listener to your music from your point of view? Mmm..Mammals...amphibians...those high flying winged chirpy chaps...We don’t have ideal listeners. If this song paints a smile upon the face or is something you can relate to then our job is done.


What are we looking at/listening to? You are listening to a bunch of friends creating (mainly) psych/pop tunes to pass the time.

What was the intention with the piece? Our intention was to instill a change of pace in a world that speeds up every day.

What is the meaning? The message in this song is pretty simple here: Burn your candle at both ends and you will eventually run out of wax.

What is the one thing that you do that you would never tell anyone you do - something unconscious that is part of your process that is weird or strange or uncouth? Ahh..uncouth? Just dance,muck around and have a good time. Put on music as loud as possible and sing along, move and make the heart race. Life's pretty straight in our songwriting world….trial tunes, play some pool, smoke darts and jump back in the room.


When did you first start the creative process for this? I started writing this song about a year and a half ago and sat on it for about 8 months before taking it to the band.

When was it completed? This track was completed a year into the process. Most of my music at the early stages of this project took a really long time to perfect. I hadn't played music outside of my room since I was a teenager and had to learn how to listen to those around me again. I would create twenty different versions of a song, and take it to the band only to throw them in the bin. If I wasn't surrounded by the most patient musicians in the world this project would never have seen the light of day.

When do you like to create the most? Usually if I plan on writing I need to wake up pretty early in the morning, drink heaps of coffee and chase the morning sun. Afterwards I will jump into the studio until the sun goes down. Lyrical inspiration usually arises when I am in transit and lost in thought. My phone and notebook are teaming with random words, phrases, and subjects for song ideas and melodies.


Describe the space it was created in. We rehearse at Purple Wayne studios in Collingwood, a fantastic space created by the legendary Murray Clayton. It’s the perfect space for inspiration; from the crazy nick-nacks and art scattered from wall to wall to the vertical lawn wrapped around the mixing booth. Great music comes to life every night in this space by fellow creators.

Where did you get the equipment it was created on? Years of trial and error with different equipment until the right sound was found. I recently discovered a beautiful semi-hollow body guitar hanging on the wall at Found Sound; and after playing it for about 5 minutes, I knew straight away that it would be staying with me for a very long time

Where do you want your music/art to take you? Music keeps me grounded and sane, it's already taken me where I want to go.

Listen to the new track up above or on Spotify, and follow the meanderings of The Florets over here.

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