FT'D: Stonefield - Visions (Music Video)

There is a cult-like aura around Stonefield and their latest album, 'Far From Earth', which they have carried over into their latest film clip for the song 'Visions'. The ritual choreography, the identical outfits, those alluring eyes; there must be something in the water on the Findlay family property. On 'Visions' the four sisters who make up Stonefield (Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly Findlay) have refined a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and modern, taking cues from the psychedelic and prog rock of the 70's and mashing them up with a pop sensibility that makes the melody worm it's way into your psyche. A sound that leaves the listener wanting more, and a perfect fit on their new label, Flightless, home of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Having filmed the video clip at the Marthouse warehouse late last year, we recently caught up with singer/drummer Amy to reflect on the process. Check out the video clip and interview below.

WHO: I am Amy - I play drums and sing in Stonefield. We had a lot of friends help us out with this project - Produced and Directed by: Steven J. Tandy, 1st AD: Stephanie Clarke, Cinematographer: David Mckinnar, 1st AC: Joel Green, AC/LX: Noah Snell, Makeup: Caitlin Robson, Hair: Brooke Stead, Runner: Mitch Peters, Editor: Andrew Ferguson, Post-Processing: Jason Galea, Cosmic Cult: Tessa Parsons, Eshe Lane, Tayla Findlay, Sabrina Lewis, Amy Findlay, Hannah Findlay, Sarah Findlay and Holly Findlay. The video was inspired by our fascination with cults.

WHAT: This is our video clip for our song Visions from our third record ‘Far From Earth’. The intention was to create a juxtaposition between the upbeat feel of the song and the creepiness of our cult like moves and deadpan facial expressions.

WHEN: We started the creative process quite some time ago in September 2017. The turnaround was very quick.. I actually can’t believe we pulled it off. Our circumstances then changed and the video was held off and we released a video for another song. At this point we had the post-processing done to have the video feel more in line with the music and visuals we had previously released. The video came out in August 2018.

WHERE: We created the clip at the Marthouse warehouse space in Brunswick. We cleared the space and surrounded the area in black. Steven is a legend and pulled a bunch of favours, so we borrowed a few things and hired whatever else we needed. The video takes you away from planet earth.

HOW: It literally began with a conversation with the director. We developed the idea over a few conversations, coming up with the idea of the triangle and the white jumpsuits along the way. We put together mood boards with make up, styling and lot of visual references. Steven pulled together most of the team; and the other girls, hair and makeup are our friends.

WHY: Because it’s fun and rewarding. Anything creative is a great outlet. Being musicians, it’s always fun when you get to the process of having the way you visualise a piece of music in your mind, come to life.

Catch Stonefield touring North America next month with Frankie & The Witch Fingers or keep up with their movements over here. You can buy their new record 'Far From Earth' from our friends at Flightless.

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