FT'D: Hexdebt - Rule Of Four (Album)

Melbourne quartet Hexdebt have today released an important record both of and for the times - a reaction to and a rejection of societal structures, both musical and political.

The rhythm section lay a solid foundation that supports the weight of the band’s heavy experimentation. Guitars culminate in pillars of noise which crumble and decay as fast as they’re built. Overlaid with sharp, witty lyrics, intended to deconstruct - both in content and delivery. Hexdebt’s message is FELT, as much as it is heard.

There’s a clear lineage from Melbourne’s storied post-punk past but Hexdebt bring to it a fierce and unhinged confidence and thematic clarity that make the music completely present. ‘Rule Of Four’ will be looked back upon as a defining record of the current era of Australian punk.

Favourite track: Flux/Ekhos

Hexdebt launch ‘Rule Of Four’ at Northcote Social Club on May 25, alongside Terrible Truths, Pillow Pro and Polish. More info over on their facebook.

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