FT'D: Gonzo - Do It Better Again (LP)

Today’s featured album is ‘Do It Better Again’ by Gonzo. The Geelong four-piece have delivered a collection of angular and pokey rock n’ roll tracks. Pokey in the sense that they feel like someone poking me in the ribs. It’s funny, it’s making me smile, but it’s kind of uneasy and I’m squirming in my seat.

It’s a particular brand of rock music meets punk music that’s not totally abrasive but not totally groove based. The grooves are undoubtedly there, but they’re unsettling. The guitars are there but they’re jolting and bouncing, arpeggiating in strange ways that we are not accustomed to. It’s exciting writing, it feels fresh and new, like we get to hear the same worn out instruments in a new light. A warm light that cuts through this weeks chill in Melbourne’s autumn breeze. I’m not looking forward to this winter but at least we have Gonzo to keep us cosy.

‘Do It Better Again’ has recently got a vinyl release through Anti-Fade - the greatest label in greater Victoria. They’re launching it on April 26 at The Curtin with Exek, Heirophants and Gutter Girls.

Top track: Videodrome

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