FT'D: Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - It's Alive / Busy Bigness

It’s Alive / Busy Bigness — The first cassette release for Marthouse records and the first physical release for Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice — contains two tracks of quirky, subversive post-punk.

The songwriting is sporadic but focussed — whilst tackling heavy and relevant socio-political subject matter, Dr Sure still manages to keep it fun and tongue-in-cheek. Such is the nature of the project that post-punk could be a lazy signifier - they would be just as much at home alongside noise/punk/psych/rock/avant garde performance. It’s probably more proto- than post-, throwing back to bands like Telelvision & The Birthday Party.

For a band that’s been around for 4 or 5 months, it feels like they’ve seen as much as most bands a couple of years deep. Bursting onto the Melbourne scene with a residency at The Tote at the end of 2018, they’ve since released 2 singles/video clips and been on 2 tours up the East Coast, amongst a host of solid local supports. With an album finished and set for a mid-year release, it’s all go for Dr Sure and his Unusual Practice.

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Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - It's Alive/Busy Bigness (Cassette)


Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice - It’s Alive/Busy Bigness

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