FT'D: Bōnewoman - Reciprocation (Single)

Melbourne based psychic jazz soul pop outfit Bōnewoman recently released their fresh single, Reciprocation. The track wastes no time in laying out it's groove, dropping in with that slinky bassline and a swinging break-beat. Glassy stabs on the keys and sparse, trippy guitar work set the atmosphere, leaving space for Lorien's solid lyrical content and interesting vocal inflections. After recording the track here at Marthouse we caught up with Bōnewoman to find out a little more about the track and their creative process.

WHO: A tiny guild of friends who come together and create Funhouse madness.

WHAT: We all individually listen to different things that homogenise into our own collective sound. Some of these can range from, Pop, Rnb, Jazz, Hip hop, Psychedelic Rock, world etc. Recently have been listening to serpentwithfeet and Moses Sumney .

The intention behind the feel of the song was that people could move there body.

WHEN: Lorien wrote the song about 7 months ago and we decided to have a single launch in April and finished it on the 20th of July. Creating feels good when your free.

WHERE: The song was written in Lorien’s bedroom. Which is kept as an inspirational haven with lots of clothes, shrines, treasures, and jewels.

HOW: It started with Lorien writing the song, then Felix and Lorien workshopping it down to a more listener friendly version, then we bought it to the boys where Elijah brings in his dope ass bass lines, and Angus added some breezy guitar vibes.

WHY: Its like breathing to me, If I don’t create I will feel blocked up and repressed. I can’t say a process was chosen it was more the process chose itself. Being an artist was never a choice for us, we all come from families of artists and musicians and families that could be deemed different. For me being an artist is like blood, can’t really exist without it!

Check out the track above, and keep up with all things Bōnewoman over here.

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