FT'D: Bench Press - Old. Self. Doubt. (Single)

In 2017 Bench Press released one of the stand-out records to come out of Melbourne. A little known band with a self-titled full-length jam-packed with hooky punk songs. Juicy guitars, jabbing and screaching; bouncy but grinding bass lines and driving rhythms; whilst gnarled but clear vocals spout potent, relatable lyrics for those of us living in the “worlds most liveable city” and beyond. It spent a good couple of months permanently attached to the turntable in my sharehouse. And it’s safe to say we weren’t the only ones, Bench Press quickly becoming a (share)household name - going on to tour Europe and NZ and supporting some solid international acts coming through Melbourne.

With the release of their new single Old. Self. Doubt. Bench Press have quenched a thirst that’s been lurking in the back of our throats for a year. It’s prime Bench Press. Juicy as ever, but with a rejuvenated production value. They’ve tidied up the trimmings whilst maintaining an edginess and intensity that we’ve come to require. It’s essential listening. We need more.

Thankfully, there’s an album to follow. Along with the single announcement we’ve been informed that the sophomore Bench Press album Not The Past, Can’t Be The Future is due for release on June 28 via Poison City Records.

If you’re in Melbourne, Bench Press play Last Chance on June 1st along with Girl Germs and Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice. If you’re anywhere else in Australia, they’re touring the new album throughout July/August, all info on their Facebook.

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