FT'D: Clowns - Freezing In The Sun (Single)

“What the fuck am I supposed to do, when I know my taxes are paying for kids to be held in Nauru?” A powerful lyric that resonates so strongly in our current political climate. It’s not easy to stomach, being complicit in the attrocities that our government are carrying out on our behalf, and after building a massive platform for themselves over the best part of the last decade, Clowns are not afraid to voice their distaste to the masses.

After a seemingly endless tour cycle over the past few years, taking their fiery brand of hardcore/punk to clubs and festivals across the globe, Clowns found time to bunker down in Frankston at the start of this year to start work on Album number 4. This was the first taste, the single ‘Freezing In The Sun’ (along with a seething video clip by The Walking Mustache that you can check out below), and it was followed up with the second single ‘I Shaved My Legs For You’, which was unleashed last month. It’s an exceptional output from a relentless band. We caught up with Drummer Jake Laderman to get behind the process.

WHO: I’m Jake, drummer of Clowns! We’re a very collaborative band and write a lot together. Sometimes it takes a single idea from one person, which will blossom into a song with a couple of jams together. This song in particular was based off a couple of guitar riffs I wrote and lyrically arranged by Stevie (vocals).

WHAT: I suppose the song was initially inspired by that mid tempo and driving Hives style, where the verses are more powerful than the chorus, down-stroking guitars and closed hi-hat straight drumlines . It was always intended to have Hanny sing the chorus too to distinctly diversify the parts from each other! However by the time the song was finished, it was far different from what was initially written.

WHEN: We started writing our new record at the beginning of the year, and the song was recorded in April to be put out as the first single leading into a new album. I suppose most of the creativity occurs while we’re stuck into writing new albums. It’s usually “go-time” from when we decide we’re going to write another record and we jam 2-3 times a week.

WHERE: We rehearse at our guitarist Jarrod’s work, which is a couriers in Frankston. It helps to save some coin when you’re jamming that much! We have an old PA there and we set up in a circle with all our gear. �That place just purely reminds me of rehearsing real hard! But also reminds me of having a good time/laugh and telling all kinds of terrible jokes.

HOW: This piece really came together with the collaboration of every band member. Ideas spark other ideas, new riffs are born.. This release is the first release that truly has the cooperation of every current member of the band. It’s really awesome, because we all work really well together.

WHY: I create because I love music. If I couldn’t create in this band, then I would create in another band. It’s just fun to plug in and be loud and it’s something that I’ve done since being a pimply teenager! Its fun and truly something I think I’ll do my whole life!

Clowns are playing Melbourne Town Hall on November 18 along with You Am I, Garreth Liddiard and New War. Check out the event over here.

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