FT'D: 15 Important Tips For Doing Rock Tour

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice recently finished their second tour up the East Coast to launch 'It's Alive'. The Doc took some photos along the journey so we asked him to put together a recap - he compiled this clickbait article which he titled '15 important tips for doing rock tour'. This is a rare look behind the facade - the rock is not all shoeys and crowd surfing. This is very important information.

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice have another tour and their debut album dropping mid-year. In the meantime, if you are in Melbourne they’re play a bunch of top notch local supports in the next couple of months.

Their next show is this Saturday (April 20) for ‘420 at The Oldie’, alongside 808’s & Greatest Hits, Loveboner and The Gurdies. Chuck them a follow on Facebook/Instagram to follow all the action.

You can also buy their cassette over here -

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